Why Are Custom Challenge Coins So Popular?

By admin

It’s a question that we get asked rather frequently, “What makes custom challenge coins so popular?” As the leading challenge coin manufacturer, we have a couple of ideas. Based on our industry knowledge as well as our customer feedback, here’s what we’ve come up in response to that question.

Challenge Coins Have Direct Ties to the Military

Challenge coin history dates back to World War I. As legend has it, a wealthy lieutenant ordered small, solid bronze medallions (later known as challenge coins) for all of the other pilots in his squadron as a memento of the time they served together. Since then, military challenge coins have been awarded as a way to encourage, reward, and honor the men and women that make up the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marines.

These unique gifts are personal in nature and become cherished keepsakes to all who receive them. Presentation options like challenge coin holders help protect and display challenge coin collections. This gives members of the military peace of mind because they become very attached to their custom military challenge coins.

Challenge Coins Have Higher Perceived Value Than Other Items

Unlike other promotional items, custom coins appear to be valuable. They are intricate in detail which gives people the impression that they are crafted with care. They also are sizable and weighty in nature. Unlike currency, these coins are heavy like medallions.

All challenge coins are double sided which gives the individuals ordering them ample room to place logos, photographs, and images as well as a personalized message. Businesses can include the URL to their website or an email address as a way of giving potential customers a way to contact them. Organizations can increase the amount of exposure their cause receives by putting a personal message on the back of their coins.

Challenge Coins Come In a Variety of Sizes, Shapes, and Colors

Based on your design ideas, we make recommendations in regards to the size, shape, and colors of your challenge coins. This allows you to have a truly unique product to hand out to others. Instead of presenting someone else’s vision to customers, students, faculty, athletes, and vendors, your personality shines through with every custom coin you hand out.

Challenge coins are the type of item that make an impression on everyone that sees them. That is why so many people use them to promote, reward, educate, and encourage others. Whether it’s a military unit looking for a way to build a sense of goodwill among its members or a real estate agent looking for his or her opportunity to gain a new customer’s trust, there is no doubt that custom coins make things happen.

Fill out our free quote form today or give us a call. One of our trained artists can take your idea and turn it into custom challenge coins. There is no obligation to buy so what are you waiting for? See what your design could look like as a custom challenge coin!