Make Your Own Custom Pins

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If you’ve have a design in mind and weren’t quit sure how to turn it into custom pins, speak with our experts. The process is simple! Send us your rough sketch or just a description of your pin and we will take care of the rest. We return your idea to you in the form of vector artwork. Once you review it, or make revisions, we will send the artwork to our production team to manufacture your custom pins. We have unbeatable customer service and the best prices on custom pins. It’s why so many customers return to us again and again.

What Type Of Pins Can You Make?

SOFT ENAMEL PINS:  Our die-struck soft enamel pins are our most popular type of pin by far. It makes for a very high quality pin and we offer it for a very affordable price. Whatever your pin needs might be, chances are that a die-struck soft enamel pin will be the perfect pin for you. These pins are made from a metal blank, usually made of iron, that is die-struck with your design and then plated. We have many different plating options for you to choose from. After plating, the recessed areas of the pins that need to be colored are filled with colored enamel and left to dry. Don’t let the name fool you, once the enamel is dry, it is hard, very durable and will look great for decades to come.

The soft-enamel pin finish also has the option of having an epoxy dome applied to the surface of the pin. This is a thin, clear coating that covers the entire front of the pin, making the surface of the pin completely smooth. The epoxy coating is not necessary, but is offered for those who like their pins to have a smooth surface.

CLOISONNE HARD ENAMEL PINS Our cloisonne hard enamel pins are jewelry quality pins. They are a bit more expensive, but they are worth every penny if you need a very high quality pin. These pins are struck from brass or copper and then plated with your choice of plating. All of the colors are then filled with a special enamel or glass, and then baked until the enamel or glass has melted and formed into the recessed areas of the pin perfectly. Then the pins are buffed flat on a large buffing stone. This makes the surface of the colors and the metal perfectly smooth and even, meaning that the surface of these pins is smooth to the touch without having to add an epoxy coating.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTED PINS:  Our printed pins are a great option if you have a logo with gradients, tiny details, or a corporate logo that cannot have any changes.  For the printed pins we take your exact image and print it directly onto stainless steel or brass metal.  The surface is than covered with an epoxy coating.

What Special Features Do You Offer?

In addition to all of the metal colors that Quality Lapel Pins offers, we also have special glitter enamel and glow in the dark enamel. Glitter pins will sparkle in the light and glow in the dark pins will obviously glow in the dark! You can also add imitation stones to your pins and we have several different colors of stones. These can give your custom pins a regal feel and are great for awards or recognition pins that you are handing out as a reward for a job well done. You can create custom pins with danglers, meaning a separate piece will link and hang from the main pin. You could create pins with spinners, sliders or hinges to give your pins some movement. A lot of customers have created puzzle piece pins meaning they are separate pieces that all fit together. Puzzle pins can symbolize different divisions or teams coming together to combine into something whole.

You can view all of our options on the website or even easier just give us a call and talk to a real person who will help design your custom pins. Email us at with any questions you might have. You can also fill out our free quote form and upload your image to get started. Send us your idea for custom pins and we will take care of the rest!