How To Make COVID-19 Challenge Coins

By admin

Quality challenge coins would like to thank all of those who are helping keep us safe during this crisis. If you have an idea for a COVID-19 response coin let us know and we can walk you through the steps of ordering custom coins. The process is easy, you can email us, call us, or fill out our free quote form. All we need is a description or some artwork from you and we can take care of the rest.

Coronavirus coins can boost morale for your team and show them that you appreciate all of their hard work and sacrifice. So many people have put in so many hours to keep others healthy and safe during this pandemic. If you or your organization has been working around the clock, unite them with a custom emblem that shows we are in this together.

Our custom coins are made from high quality materials, you can create them in different sizes and colors and we can also do complex shapes and cutouts. We have a variety of options and special features. We’ve been manufacturing custom challenge coinss for over 20 years so you can depend on us to deliver the best coins at the best price. Get started today by filling out a free quote or by calling our office in Littleton, Colorado. The coronavirus has not stopped our production, we are here and ready to help to you design COVID-19 coins, pins, or patches. You’ve done the hard job, let us serve you by doing what we do best. Order custom patches, coins, or pins from the experts at Quality Challenge Coins.