Custom Challenge Coins As Awards

By admin

Rather than present a generic plaque or trophy to extraordinary individuals, why not give them something that is just as special as they are? Personalized challenge coins are an excellent choice for recognizing individual achievements and the accomplishments of an organization.

What makes customized coins perfect as awards is their ability to be designed in any way that you like. Some key elements you should pay close attention to when designing award coins are the size, plating, and presentation. Choosing the best option within each of these categories ensures creation of the best and most unique recognition coin possible.

hard enamel coins

Special Coins Require Special Attention

The size of your reward challenge coin depends on the impression you want it to make.  A 1.5” coin is standard size, large enough to include many eye-catching details but small enough to fit in your pocket.  A 2” coin is a little larger which leaves more room for artwork, text or other items you might want to add to the challenge coin design.  Custom coins that are larger than two inches, like a 4” award coin, are perfect display items in an office or study because they are too large to carry around.

The metal plating on your custom coins can be of gold or silver as well as antique gold, silver or copper.  Varying levels of accomplishment, such as those in a tiered reward system, can easily be praised using different plating. Using more than one type of plating within a single challenge coin order does not change your mold thereby eliminating any additional cost.

With your customized award coins designed to perfection, the next best thing is making sure they are presented in the right manner. This is where our presentation options come in. Quality Challenge Coins offers a variety of presentation and packaging choices that will give recipients an undeniable sense that they are getting something special. Our velvet boxes, plastic capsules, and stands provide a method of giving and a means of protection for priceless coin collections.

If you know you have an upcoming award ceremony or simply want to praise and reward some outstanding individuals, do it in a different way.  Give them a personalized challenge coin! Get started today by filling out a free quote, and see what your coin could look like!